Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints Quality
Canvas Prints Quality

why canvas prints are so popular


Each and every one of our custom canvas prints is hand crafted, stretched and stapled to a wood frame.

Quality images

World class printers coupled with superior canvas ensure that your photo is printed with rich color and doesn’t lose any quality when printed

canvas prints: frame styles to choose from



A dark black edge will be printed on all four sides of your canvas prints.



Your design or picture will be wrapped around all four sides of your canvas prints.

Canvas Prints Frame Style

Watch the video

for more detail on the structure and frame style of our canvases

Photo editing before we print

Can I Change a Low Resolution Image to High Resolution?

High resolution is 300 dpi (dots per inch), whereas low resolution pictures are far less than 300 dpi mostly 72dpi. Images that are in high resolution provide a clearer picture, due to the concentrated and tight combination of dots per inch. You’ll notice more dots on a low resolution image and the picture won’t be as precise. Low resolution images are going to look pixelated, blurry and not as clear-cut as high resolution images. High resolution images are needed for printing in order to produce crisp, clear images. Lower resolution images can be used for web. No, we cannot change a low resolution to be high resolution for printing. There is no way to add pixels to a low resolution image. We recommend you sent us high resolution photos in order to get a quality print. Cell phone photos cannot be enlarged without losing quality and we advise you to not send us cell phone photos.